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Rutesheim leisure park

An attractive destination for group trips


Tree top climbing adventures in a high rope course park

With its 14 courses, four training courses and 138 exercises a particularly unusual challenge. Various exercises must be completed at heights of between three and sixteen metres, and obstacles such as wire ropes, rope bridges, swings and plank bridges must be overcome.


Practise your concentration and experience total excitement combined with lots of outdoor fun! Once our qualified staff have told you everything you need to know, you will be equipped with bow and arrow, as well as arm and finger guards. We hope you have fun - bullseye!

Olympic games

Choose from short, long and Bavarian “Olympic games”. All three versions feature various games from different disciplines which the team must complete either individually or as a group, for example a stilts course, a wheelbarrow run, nailing competition, ski sprint, high striker, Bavarian beer mug pushing...

Segway Tours

After a brief round of instructions including all safety rules and an introduction to the Segway, everyone completes a training course to practise. Once everyone is able to use the Segway with confidence, we start our up- and downhill tour across various surfaces. Conditions: Participants must be aged 16 or over and must be able to present a moped license, at the very least!


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